Low Volume Quilts: Modern Quilting Goes Delicate

There’s been a lot of buzz about low-value quilts, mostly from the Modern Quilt world. Modern quilting leans towards simplified, sophisticated designs, good use of empty space, and lighter/ brighter colors.

Low Volume quilting is not about how big a quilt is. It’s about the colors you use. Low-value quilting is soft, delicate, similar fabrics that create a quiet kind of quilt with less contrast and drama.

What happens when you mix those together? It’s some very pretty stuff.

Here’s a new collection of watercolor prints we just got in for spring. They’re perfect for that low-value look. They’re soft, clear and delicate in a way that works well for low-value quilting.

Why would you quilt quietly? I’ve always loved the contrast, bright colors, and patterns that move. But sometimes less is more. And sometimes quiet is what you need.

When we make a quilt just for the joy of it, it can be anything we want at all. Exuberant, loud, soft, bright, dark and purple are all possibilities.

But if, as it often happens, you’re making a quilt for a specific space, all that changes. It’s more than matching your color to the room. It’s about how the room is being used. Sometimes a quiet, low volume look speaks volumes.

Here’re some fabulous reasons to go low on the volume:

  • It’s for the baby’s room. How excited do you want the baby to be when its bed time?
  • It’s a room you want to feel quiet. A bright color is a visual noise. Sometimes that’s fun. But not always.
  • It’s a room you want to keep cool. Hot yellows and oranges don’t do that. Soft pinks and blues do.
  • It’s a shabby chic look. There’s a lot of home dec right now that relies on soft pastels that are almost white. It’s quietly lovely.
  • Finally, because you like it. The only real reason for your quilting choices.

Come in and see these beautiful watercolor fabrics and well get you started in the delicate world of low volume beauties.

You’ll find more about our new fabrics on our new arrival page.